Kunundrum in Retirement

The group has decided to go into retirement for a bit. What this means is that Kunundrum will not be available for performances. Thanks to all the schools, community associations, non-profits and events that have supported our performances in the past.

Some good press about our Morrisburg gig

The Morrisburg Leader had a great review of the Intimate Acoustics show in December.

Exuberant and elated, the performers were clearly enjoying creating music. And the audience was just as enchanted. (The beat of the percussion really does get into your head and soul.)

There’s at least one video of us there playing Kpanlogo - a good example of what to expect if you book us!

Barefoot Boogie

BAREFOOT BOOGIE - Sunday, January 30, 8 -10 pm

Arts Court dance studio - (2 Daly Ave., at Nicholas)

Join us for an evening of free-spirited dance with live music. West African percussion performance by KUNUNDRUM, followed by open jam

Kick off your shoes and dance! Or bring an instrument and play along.

Admission: $5 or pay what you can.

No shoes, drinks or food in the studio.

Great time at the Dunrobin Sonic Gym

Last night we participated in a drumming event at the Dunrobin Sonic Gym.  First the kit drummers discussed their passion for drumming, how they practiced and followed by examples of some of their favorite rhythms.  Kunundrum performed afterwards several rhythms including:

 Here’s a photo from the Gym including the great backdrop of gongs: